Sunday, March 28, 2010

Whew boy...

Holy cats people! I tell ya'... This whole walking boot thing for 6 weeks is not amusing me. Nosiree bob. Not a bit. Thing is a pain in the ass an the most pain-in-the-ass way imaginable. My hips are so gonna need an adjustment when I get to ditch the hardware. Doesn't matter which shoe I choose to slide or buckle onto my right foot, I have some major length discrepancy going on here. Owowowowowowowowowow.


And, I have come to the definite conclusion that my small-person noise tolerance is low having a) been there done that, and b) that it's the end of winter. I got a couple days when Connor could go run amok in the backyard. Then it got chilly and windy again, and his clothing aversion has kept him in this weekend. It's supposed to hit the 70s by Wednesday, however, and out he will go!!! He did get himself dressed this morning, and went outside, where he proceeded to crow. Like a rooster. Before 9am on a Sunday. Oh bless his adorable curly-headed little heart... He's such a damn cute little bugger! Yay Mother Nature! Cute was a stroke of genius, man. He's so stinkin' cute it's too much to bear. Truly.

When we visited his other grands in St. Paul last month, they were none too thrilled with his long hair. Connor informed them that, "But everyone loves my golden locks!" Yes, dear child, that they do. Mostly. Except those that don't. But we will ignore them. When his other grandma asked me if his hair was for me or him, I told her that keeping those long wonderful curls definitely is in his best interest, I explained this by saying, "No matter what shenanigans he gets up to, his hair makes me happy. And that is a benefit to him for sure." She accepted my argument. Not that I should need to justify myself, but it's true! His hair makes me happy, even when he's being a defiant little almost-four-year-old mongrel of a boy.

He's such a sweet little mongrel. I'm pretty much a captive audience right now with this foot-boot thingy, and my bear tattoo just got blessed with multiple Toy Story stickers. My little bear now has Jesse on one ear and a toy soldier dude on the other, and Bullseye over her little face, and another toy soldier dude stuck on her belly. Did she look to be in need of decoration? Lonely? Who can know... Connor thought sharing was called for, so sharing commenced.

What a nifty little dude.

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