Sunday, March 13, 2011


The Conestoga has a new drivetrain coming home this week! Yet another sign that we're doing the right thing. On a whim, I checked craigslist for a Dodge 360... lo and behold! NOT ONLY a Dodge 360 engine, but an engine and transmission for $350!!!! Unheard of! AND not only that, it came out of a 1976 Dodge RV. Can you guess what year the Conestoga is? Yup!!! 1976! So, the exact engine and trans that we have, that we need, from the same vehicle, with... wait for it...
only 46,000 miles!!! OMG people! Really?! The Universe is def saying, "You go, sister! This is the right path to choose."
Aaaaand I've been making stuff like nobody's business! Watch for updates re: etsy shop, and sister blog 'dyedreams'. Coming this week. Bank trip tomorrow for separate checking and my own paypal. Yippee skippy! Gotta make the hubby and the kid stand still so I can take some photos of them in the awesome Michigan shirts.
Seven weeks more of Michigan people! Seven weeks!!!

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xinem said...

I have seen the crafty things with my own eyeballs. They are amazing.

Coincidence is the universe's way of telling you you're doing what you're supposed to be doing. I'm so happy for you--and envious. I'll be following along soon enough.