Friday, April 29, 2011

Almost there...

So, I am annoyed that I can't find my camera, as there are numerous things I'd like to post photos of! Argh! But, so goes the process of moving, right? Right.
Today, garage sale.
Tomorrow, Connor-party in the morning, though I've heard from only 2 families, one will be there, one might send her kid with her husband... 20 approximately families at the preschool. E-mail notification, and public notice in the classroom. Last year, 2 kids came. This year, one of those kids is in Florida. My boy can haz nice party someday? With friends come? Yes? We've only been in this school for 2 and a half years... great school, but not so social of parenty peoples.
Also tomorrow, our Drink Beer and Take Our Shit Party! Hopefully a houseful of the folks we like to see, and a house liberated from more stuff by Sunday.
Also tomorrow, Jorma's band at the park. They're playing at a union rally thingy. So, we'll go to that too! Kind of a busy day of rest. LOL
Monday, we get whatever is left over out the door and into the garage.
Tuesday, the Goodwill truck comes to get it!

Somewhere in all this, our rebuilt carburetor will get put back on the RV, we'll get the hitch and the trailer and tow lights, the water line, and get the final boxes gone through and the boxes that are going on the trailer packed.

Phew! Not so much. HAH!!

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MuddyG said...

Hi there! I just read of your plan, and I'm excited for you. You don't really know me, but I bought one of your tie dyes last year after asking your husband where he got his. I just read your profile and see that you like music with brains. I am a huge fan of this folk/americana guy Todd Snider, and thought I'd offer to give you some new music if you're not familiar with him. Being somewhat of the hippy persuasion, I find the chances pretty good that you might fall in love with him, too. Let me know, as I'm a Toddevangelist and would love to share some music with you. Peace!