Saturday, April 3, 2010

Early spring in Michigan

It has been soooo beautiful here in West Michigan. Barely spring, and the trees are leafing out, flowers are blooming, and we haven't closed the windows, even at night, for 4 days. Connor has spent hours and hours in the back yard, and the block is full of kids and dogs that we'll be meeting this spring and summer.

And yet, yesterday was totally one. of. those. days. And I'm aggravated and frustrated in a very general way. Why? I can't go enjoy a leisurely walk in this gorgeous weather. I can't take the dog for a walk, I can't take Connor to the park, and Connor is suddenly an obstinate little turkey. He is simply ignoring every. word. out of my mouth. At the height of my frustration last night, I asked Why? Why are you not listening to my words? His response? I just do whatever I want to do.

Great. 15 should be super fun.

So here we are... me in my boot, dog freshly spayed and a little wonky, Jim with a sore mouth from a tooth extraction yesterday, a boy who 'just does whatever he wants', and today, my 44th birthday, I woke up with a screaming headache (love the spring, hate the pollen) and my period. Happy birthday to me.

Yawn. I wish to go back to bed.

But what I'm going to do is try to find my kitchen again today, boil some eggs, make some dye (onion skin and beet), put the purple in my hair (I finally have what I deem to be enough gray to make it a worthy endeavor), put some food color dye in Connor's hair (he wants it green), make some felt egg pouches, and go out to hear Ribbons of Song at Founder's tonight.

And try really really really hard not to trip over the dog, lose patience with the boy, or get bitchy with the hubs. We'll see how it goes.....

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