Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter weekend

This weekend was a trip. I was late in starting projects, so, though I got eggs dyed (used beets and onion skins! It was awesome!), I didn't get the little thingies to put bits of candy in, and I didn't succeed on the first round of nest-making. So, we have lovely eggs and extra dye in the fridge, candy in the cupboard (YAY!!) and little nests on the counter.


I'll get it more together next year.

In other news, I turned 44 on Saturday! Jim pooped out on me, the result of the major painkillers he'd taken on Friday for a tooth extraction. It was all good though. I went to Founder's, saw some good friends, heard some good music, and had a great time!

I also finally took the leap and covered my gray hair. With purple. The first round, I used a dye I was not super familiar with. Cassady had gotten this particular type during her last round of color-dying. I think she had some bright blue and some green maybe. It didn't take all that well, and started out looking faded and sorta lavenderyish rather than PURPLE. So, yesterday I picked up the old standby Manic Panic Purple Haze, and lo and behold! The gray is PURPLE! Yay!!! Stoked!!! Connor wanted his green. Good ol' food coloring for him... he's looking adorable today... crunchy curls where we didn't rinse out the color, which has a good bit of vinegar, and he's taken to my hair clips, so he's got silver grabby clips on either side of his curly green head. Now I'm gonna put him in some jeans and some Converse, and go out shopping, and cause the general public to wonder why that darling little girl is dressed like a boy. LOL! I gotta get his Easter gift clothing from Gramma Julie and Grampa Ed in the wash. What a great Target shopper Grampa is! Awesome black Shaun White skateboarder t-shirt, jean shorts, and a Shaun White flannel, gray and purple plaid. He looks uber cool in his duds with his black high-tops, and his long curls. As Connor puts it, "Just like Shaun White, but his curls are red, and mine are golden." Yes, child, they are, as golden as your personality. So, I totally have to get him all skater-boy dressed, and put the clips in his green hair, and get him out on his board. He can actually kinda flip the thing! Fearless...

So I was checking out Good Eats last night, late o'clock, and Alton MADE garam masala. Soooo going to go get some more whole spices and make that! Chicken Tikka Masala on Basmati tonight! Oh yeah! Next time, if the whole sauce thing works out, I'll do it with tofu maybe. For Jorma's birthday feed maybe... I can use soy yogurt, and his vegan friends will swoon at my feet. Yeasssssss.... 'tis goooood....

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