Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yay yay yay!!! Good News at Last!!

So, on the 29th, I had my first appointment with my gastroenterologist guy since starting interferon. I had gotten blood work done the first week of December, had to go back a week later for a redraw as one got sent out to Mayo and the clinic didn't send enough blood... jeezuhs, they take about enough to power at least a rodent! But, went back, got the more juice sucked out, Dr's nurse called to tell me that the blood work looked really good. It was a viral load count. She said I was responding spectacularly. Yay!

So, better yet... When I went to my appointment and spoke with my Dr., he told me that I had actually tested negative! The hepatitis was all gone! At 13 weeks into treatment! He said I could stop now if I wanted, or if he was ruining my life, but that he's pretty anal, and would like me to do one more round, that being 4 weeks. As I had already ordered my next shipment, I was totally fine with that. But seriously?! I was stunned! Stunned I tell you! Holy hell! I thought for sure I was on this shit until the end of April. End of January!?!? No problem!

And the following Wednesday, the first Wednesday without an injection since the 15th of September, we have tickets to the Decemberists. February 2nd. Happy Day! The last pills will have been downed, and I will be free! Free to get a job, free to start clearing out the house as I will have some ENERGY! Oh man, I am just ecstatic! I am virus-free! My life, my future, just turned the corner back toward positive and hopeful.

Now to get someone to draw me a tattoo design of a fabulous, majestic, Pegasus, winged warhorse of vengeance. My medicine is called Pegasys, I kid you not, and I said, when I started, that I was going to envision this icky poison as the winged horse of vengeance, stomping the shit out of the virus, and if it was successful, I was going to get a tattoo. So, guess it's already time to think about the art. So amazing! I feel so relieved and thankful. And so glad that it's almost over.

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dig this chick said...

Jesus. How come I've not been to your blog in a while? I like it here. I had no idea you were so sick. I am so thankful you are well. And I think your vision of Pegasus stomping the shit out of the virus did you good, sister. Yay you.