Monday, September 12, 2011

Some perils of aging...

So, Gramma is cranky at a couple things today, one of which I suppose is, in the great scheme of things, unavoidable. The other is just the system doing its lovely job of suppressing the effusiveness of small boys.

So. Perimenopause. According to the interwebs, this is the period (HAHA) of years (!!!!) preceding menopause. I'm there, folks. I'm there. Ugh. This is not fun! THIS part could go for 10-15 years?! Good grief!!! I'm already 45!!! How the fuck long am I supposed to deal with this crap?! And I have no intention of using the hormone shit. I'm actually looking forward to not having a period anymore. Why in fuck would I want to take shit that not only increases my risk of breast cancer, but keeps the blood flowin'? No fucking thank you!!!

But let me tell you... this is getting annoying... the damn periods are getting heavier and longer. LONGER!! Like, for instance, this month's super-fun time. First day of was last week Monday. Morning. Early. It is now this week Monday. Though not exactly doing what one could call 'flowing', little lovely watery bits of leaking are most certainly still going on. Count 'em folks... This puts me on day fucking EIGHT!!! What. The. Fuck. Seriously.

In other news, just saw a post from my daughter... apparently a quote from someone at school... "Your son (that would be MY grandson) is showing early signs of ADHD. Maybe a physician could help?" Okay. Saw that one coming. He is indeed a high-energy kid. He's a 5 year old boy! He's fucking supposed to be a high energy kid!!! Yeah, he's not the best listener, but ADHD?! Ummmm... no. There's nothing hyperactive about his energy level, and there's nothing wrong with his attention span. He's not easily distracted. If anything, he's the opposite! He's funny, charming, empathetic... and very very focused. He's definitely on his own agenda. He has to understand the 'Why' of a request, the reason something needs to be done. It needs to make sense TO HIM. Ohmigosh. Independent thought?! From a kindergartener!? We better drug that right out of his system NOW!!!

Ugh. I really hate public school.
And perimenopause.
They both make me extra cranky.

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