Thursday, September 8, 2011

Verrrr verrrr sleeeeeepy

Today, Gramma is cranky because she is tired.

Seriously. Ugh. It's 8:43 Pacific Time, and I've been awake for almost 6 hours. It was effing HOT yesterday, and I kept sticking to myself and the bed and everything else I touched (Hubby) all night. And not sicking in a nice, fun way. Not that there is a nice, fun way to stick to oneself or one's partner when it is so hot that just getting within 6 inches of another mammal creates heat waves. Hubby wasn't sleeping well either, so we both just kind of moved around a lot, trying to gain purchase on a breeze from the fan and some fucking oxygen.

By the time it cooled off, my brain just wouldn't go for any more sleep. Now, on any fairly normal given day, this wouldn't be too much of a pain in the ass, as I generally could just plop myself down at some point in the day to nap, or run a nice tepid tubby. But today I must actually be fairly perky - there are several location that want people to ACTUALLY SHOW UP to apply for jobs! Holy crap! So, I gotta get all spiffed up (inasmuch as I am capable at any time to do so) and go trek around town some via le bus and see if I can't get meself some gainful employment so's that I can not feel so unproductive! Not to mention, a bit o' cash never hurt nobody, right? Also a couple really good, actual, solid leads on some online income, so that is helpful and good.

I actually am also cranky that I didn't get to see the Republicans go at one another last night. Haven't found my glasses yet today, so I haven't indulged in much reading yet. I hope there's some good video! I needed a good laugh, and would have enjoyed listening to Bachman and Perry sound like dumbasses. Some of today's mini-headlines definitely have me intrigued... somebody, I think it said it was Perry, compared people who eschew climate change science to Galileo? Kinda confused... I'm gonna have to look that one up.

Okay. Cranky Gramma has now sucked down enough coffee to see fairly straight. I shall thusly go forth to dishes doing, breakfast making, shower taking, dog emptying/filling, and, eventually, job applying foring.

Ya'll have a great day! Enjoy the last bits o' summer. Fourteen days left...

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